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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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What is a coated urethane foam roof?
It is a seamless, monolithic and self-flashing roof system consisting of a cured-in-place layer of spray-applied rigid urethane foam, sealed and protected by a tough, resilient coating. Unequaled in adhesive ability and insulating quality, it produces a lightweight, watertight and energy-saving roof.
How is it applied over existing roofing?
Our roofing technician will first clean and patch the existing roof as needed. Once this is completed, the technician will spray on the foam, which will rise and solidify almost immediately. The protective roof coating is then applied for the final seal.
When can foam roofing be applied?
The best time is when the temperature is mild and set for any type of roof work. Degrees above 50 Fahrenheit on a dry, calm day are ideal.
Why is continuous adhesion to substrate so important?
A tight seal is vital to blocking out water that may try to slip between the substrate and the covering. If water were to make it through, this could cause severe damage to the building itself. Wind lift and other elemental stresses could also cause a lasting, destructive impact.
Why is the self-flashing ability of foam roofing important?
Rooftops have become more complex with gutters, vents, ducts and other protrusions. All of these openings increase the risk of damage to the roof. With self-flashing urethane foam, you gain a strong seal around all of these openings and any future additions to your roof. The foam is easy to change in the event you want to update anything else about your roof.
What about energy savings?
The savings you make will depend on the type of building you have, the amount of insulation and other factors. However, some owners have saved up to 30 percent.
How much does coated urethane foam roofing cost?
Each situation is different, depending on location of the building, its height and size and other issues. To receive a free estimate, fill out our contact form.
Why should I choose a coated urethane foam roof instead of built-up roof?
Not only is a coated urethane foam roof faster and smoother in its application, it is also ideal for nearly any type of roofing style. It is less likely to deteriorate prematurely, and its modern usage is easier to work with in future alterations. A U.L. Class A fire rating is available.