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Closed-Cell Versus Open-Cell Spray Foam


Whether you are constructing a new house or retrofitting, spray foam can be an excellent way to improve energy efficiency, provide better resistance against weather elements, protect against moisture, and increase your home's worth.

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4 Reasons to Seal Your New Wood Deck


You've installed a new outdoor deck for many reasons, such as entertaining, curb appeal, personal enjoyment or to just expand the square footage of your property. You want your deck to last, and sealing the surface is one way to accomplish this.

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Read Our Spray Foam Roofing Blog in Redding, California


If you are building a home in California, you may be wondering why you'd even bother adding an underlayment to the roof or paying extra to have a service spray polyurethane foam. After all, California ranks 40th out of all the states in terms of rainfall. So it's not like you need extra protection from rain. However, underlayments and insulation are vital for homes located in warm climates and for those near lakes or the ocean—take a look.

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